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Laser Therapy
Durango, Colorado

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Start a journey to heal and relax your mind, body, and spirit at our healing oasis in Durango, Colorado. Through a variety of integrative therapies, our team of caring and skilled health professionals wants to give you a new sense of well-being.

Recover, Retrain, Reintegrate

Chiropractic & Musculoskeletal Care

Experience transformative musculoskeletal care at SanaVita Health & Wellness.

Our evidence-based approach begins with an in-depth conversation and physical exam to diagnose accurately, set goals, and identify barriers.

Unwind and Relax in Tranquil Bliss

Massage Therapy

Surrender to the power of touch and let our certified massage therapists work their magic.

Our customized massage sessions will ease muscle tension, lower stress, and improve circulation, leaving you feeling revitalized and refreshed.

Innovative Pain Relief and Healing

Laser Therapy

Discover the benefits of our cutting-edge laser therapy, which utilizes advanced light technology to accelerate healing and reduce inflammation.

This non-invasive treatment offers a safe and effective way to manage pain and support your body’s natural recovery process.

Cleanse and Detoxify for Optimal Health

Colon Hydrotherapy

Embrace the revitalizing power of colon hydrotherapy, a gentle cleansing process that removes accumulated waste and toxins from your body.

Our experienced therapists will guide you through this restorative treatment, paving the way for improved digestion and a strengthened immune system.

Nourish Your Body and Mind

Nutrition and Functional Wellness

Empower yourself with personalized nutrition and wellness plans crafted by our expert practitioners.

We’ll work with you to create a sustainable, balanced approach to eating and living, addressing the root causes of any imbalances to optimize your overall health and vitality.

Relaxation and Body Recovery

Sauna and Cold Plunge

Indulge in ultimate recovery and relaxation with our exclusive private infrared sauna and cold plunge experience at SanaVita Health & Wellness.

Designed to enhance your well-being and promote optimal health, this luxurious offering provides a tranquil escape from the demands of everyday life.

SanaVita Health & Wellness

Journey into your Optimal State of Mind and Body

Our approach is rooted in holistic wellness, offering comprehensive care that extends beyond mere symptoms to address the root cause of your health concerns.

Personalized Care

Our expert team of doctors and nutritionists tailor health and nutrition plans to your specific needs, promoting sustainable lifestyle adjustments that resonate with your body and lifestyle.

Experienced Practitioners

With a combined wealth of expertise in the field of health and wellness, our practitioners provide unparalleled care and are dedicated to drive your long-term health transformation.

Nurturing Environment

Our center offers a serene and nurturing environment that fosters healing and growth. Your journey to wellness is as much about your surroundings as it is about the care you receive.

{I came to SanaVita for the first time to use their sauna room for heat training. Everyone was very kind and accommodating at the office, and it was the most relaxing heat training sauna experience I'd ever had. I especially liked the ability to adjust the lighting in the sauna to your specific needs. I also saw Nathan for soft tissue mobilization and cupping. He is very knowledgeable and I appreciated how he talked through everything he did, which allowed me to better understand my body and what it needed. Thanks for helping get my body prepped to race!
Savilia Blunk
{Nathan is quite an amazing & phenomenal practitioner. He not only helped with my neck and shoulder issue, he was the only person to unravel a very complex medical issue that I have been dealing with for over 15 years. I had lost hope for any relief & now because of Nate’s brilliance, care, and knowledge, I am able to heal. I cannot say enough about how this has changed my outlook on life and my ability to live a good healthy life. Thank you Nathan, Micala, & Dixie!
Denise Baca
{Warm, welcoming space and staff. Dixie has a great balance of professionalism and nurturing care. I was well taken care of and learned a lot about my digestive health. Janelle M: Dixie and Nate hold me up in my health journey. They have become like family to me. There really is no better place for all your laser therapy, colon health and chiropractic needs. I see them weekly and always will. ❤️Janelle
Harry Leland
{Thanks for the thorough exam and treatment. Much appreciated!
Sandy Bolyard
{Nathan is a very careful, attentive, and awesome chiropractor and I would highly recommend him, especially if you are very active or an athlete.
Alexander Vidal
{Dr Nathan was very thorough and knowledgeable. Surpassed my expectations!
Dr. Jade Robbins
{Great experience; [the Zerona Laser] burns fat and seemed to also help with gut inflammation. Very friendly staff and nice atmosphere!
James Estelle
{Absolutely fabulous practitioners! What health CARE is meant to be.
Tracy Arens
{Great people to take care of you, nothing but the best is how i feel.
Ron Penman
{This place is awesome!
Jaxon Preciado

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Visit us in Durango, Colorado, and experience firsthand the tranquil ambiance and expert care at SavaVita Health and Wellness Center.

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